Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The need is to Preach the WORD.....

The need of the World is for churches to PREACH the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST. Often in todays society and for many years the church has attempted to draw people in with movies, skits, entertainment, toe tapping and hand waving music, games, choirs, special musical programs and many different ministries. May I ask where the preaching is? Where are the churches who have people standing in the aisles and a crowd outside pushing to get in for a message on Repentance? How is it that Jesus and his Apostles got the peoples attention? The New Testament has a clear presentation of preaching and compassion, not 'God loves you' or 'ask anything in my name and I'll give unto you because I don't want you to be poor and needy'. For example, Jesus was poor and needy, the Apostle Paul suffered through prisons, beatings and health issues, the Apostle Peter was crucified upside down on a cross, the Prophet Isaiah was sawed in half, the Apostle Judas betrayed Jesus and committed suicide and the Apostle Stephen was stoned to death. Let's not forget Emperor Nero who used Christians as torches throughout Rome to light the highways at night, can you imagine the wailing pain with being dipped in hot oil, nailed to a pole and lit on fire? Can you imagine the amount faith required to not deny Jesus and go quietly to the executioner? I tell you today these people had true faith, God doesn't guarantee a pain free walk, a rich life style, perfect health, new houses, expensive cars or an easy life. If it is as simple as "name it and God will give it to you" then there would be no suffering in this world. We do know the Apostles as converted men still suffered and Jesus Christ suffered as a human and God so we too will suffer no matter what most Televangelists will say.

I am afraid that in many cases in America (and in the World elsewhere) the salt has lost its savor. Pastors no longer preach against sin, the preaching is watered down to a basic: 'God loves you!' Well I am telling you today unless we (the church) do our job and follow the basics laid down before us by Christ and His Apostles, The America and the world we know now will have less of an interest in getting right and be more interested in what they think is right. This isn't about politics, albeit important but not more important than the WORD of GOD! We are dealing with peoples souls not a membership at the local library. If people don't understand that they are living in open rebellion to God from the moment they come into this world and God HATES SIN and sinners are on the Express train to eternal punishment, how can they repent? They may agree with you that they are a bad person sometimes but does the thought of sinning terrify them? Does it terrify you? Does it terrify me? Do we understand that one wrong thought, one angry reply, one lie, one moment of inappropriate anger is enough to send you to Hell for eternity? Do they understand that they do have hope in only one person named Jesus?

Ladies and Gentlemen people need only the Bible to be preached in the church and for Christians to evangelize full time. "What is your ministry?"  is an often asked line by some groups and I am telling you the only ministry God called us to is to take His Word to all peoples, every second of every day and to pray for others until our knees our stiff and our mind is numb. Now I am not saying that their can be no other ministries of the church but the preaching needs to be forefront and if it is then we need to measure "ministries" for their Biblical content. 

In a nutshell:" The need is to Preach the WORD, not remind the planet 'God loves you!'"

“One of the most popular beliefs of the day is that God loves everybody. No matter how a man may live-in open defiance of Heaven, with no concern whatever for his soul’s eternal interests, still less for God’s glory, dying, perhaps with an oath on his lips-notwithstanding, God loves him, we are told. So widely has this dogma been proclaimed, and so comforting is it to the heart which is at enmity with God we have little hope of convincing many of their error. The writings of the church fathers, the Reformers or the Puritans will (we believe) be searched in vain for any such concept.” ~ A.W. Pink

If you believe in a church like this and live in the Huntington, West Virginia area and are interested in learning more about the future church plant in this area, contact: 

Dale Anderson II


  1. Amen. There has been much negligence in the church of today but may the Lord start with us.

  2. Thank You for the kind words, Maxine! Hope you enjoy the music player. Some people have said they simply leave the computer on while doing chores around the house and listen to the music.